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Furniture recycling Mid Sussex | Haywards Heath |  Burgess Hill | East Grinstead | Secondhand Furniture

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We provide furniture and household goods suitable for people's needs from available stock, and deliver to their homes in the Mid Sussex area.

People who need our services must be referred by a recognised help agency or charity. Our main referring agencies are:

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Donation of Furniture

We welcome donations of furniture and other household items. We are happy to collect these items. In return we ask for a donation to help cover the cost of running our van. Normally we seek £20 a collection, the Council’s charge for collecting just one sofa, but more is always welcome. Please see guidelines on items for collection below.

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Registered Charity No. 1143610


To reducing waste and pollution since we recycle items of household furniture and equipment which are of reasonable quality

Furniture recycling Mid Sussex | Haywards Heath | Burgess Hill | East Grinstead


Furnihelp Mid-Sussex is a charity that collects items no longer required by households and donates them to households in need. It collects and holds data for the purposes of managing the charity and to ensure compliance with the requirements of statutory agencies. All data are held securely and no data identifying an individual is ever released other than as required by a statutory authority or in the detection and prevention of fraud. No individual will be contacted by Furnihelp Mid-Sussex for any purpose other than that required to discharge the roles of the charity. Furnihelp Mid-Sussex does not use any personal data for fund raising or marketing activities. Subject to the normal operation of the charity and the requirements of statutory authorities anyone whose data is held by Furnihelp Mid-Sussex may request access to the data, seek its correction or ask for it to be deleted. All such requests must be made to